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Mushrooms have a long history of therapeutic use in many cultures around the world. In Europe, their medicinal use has been documented by Dioscorides in “De Materia Medica“(55AD) and by Gerrard in his influential “Herbal”(1663) book. Their therapeutic proprieties been explored the most in China and the Chinese herbal classic, "Shen Nong Ben Cao,” dating around 200AD.  This includes a number of mushrooms still commonly used today.

Scientific research, clinical studies and traditional practice exploring medicinal mushrooms have confirmed their therapeutic potential with routine use as “host defense potentiators”  or “ biological response modifiers” improving human health. Here is a short list of these proprieties:

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-Candida
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antitumor
  • Antiviral
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood sugar moderator
  • Cardiovascular
  • Cholesterol reducer
  • Immune enhancer
  • Kidney tonic
  • Lungs/Respiratory
  • Nerve tonic
  • Sexual potentiator
  • Stress reducer

We have searched forests far and wide to bring you the most fresh, potent and biological active medicinal mushrooms to improve your health.

We believe that naturally grown mushrooms are superior to the ones grown in a controlled environment and are more pure and potent.   We are committed to providing you with the best, organic products which are pure and concentrated.

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1. Reishi (Ganoderma Tsugae)

We are picking our Ganoderma tsugae from the heart of forest at peak harvesting.  The Reishi is a mushroom that grows in East Asia, where it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used medicinally.  It is known as the "Tree of Life" mushroom in China and in Japan as “divine” and “spiritual “ mushroom . Reishi is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality” and associated with royalty, health, longevity, sexual prowess, wisdom and happiness. Reishi is listed in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium.

The Chinese classified Reishi as “king of the herbs,” defined as one that “serves to maintain life, promote radiant health and long life because of its normalizing action, and to cause no side effects, even when used continuously.”  

Ganoderma have excellent medicinal properties. Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae are so similar that the only way to identify them without elaborate instruments, is to find out what kind of tree they are growing on. Ganoderma lucidum grows on hardwoods trees, usually oak, while Ganoderma tsugae grows on Hemlock.

Scientific research, clinical studies and traditional practices  have confirmed these mushrooms have improved cancer symptoms, allergies, liver disease, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, neuro-protective, anti-ageing , reducing stress, kidney problems, boosts energy, helps diabetes and improves heart conditions.


2.Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus)

We have been harvesting Chaga from 15-30 year old birch trees.  These mushrooms weigh between 7-21 lbs and are the most potent available in nature.

Inonotus obliquus, commonly known as Chaga mushrooms grow in birch trees within the forests of Russia, Korea, Eastern and Northern Europe, northern areas of the United States and Canada. Chaga rarely can be found growing on elm, beech and hornbeam.  Instead, Chaga grows mainly on birches, and birch bark contains up to 22% of betulin.

We use Chaga because there is supporting evidence proving the mushrooms contain nutrients that are very good for the body.   There is no evidence of Chaga causing harm to those that drink the elixir. It appears that you cannot overdose with it.

Here are some of the potential benefits of Chaga:  reduction in cancer, growth digestive disorders, psoriasis, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar stabilization, boosts immune system, liver tonic and boosts metabolism.


3. Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor)

We are harvesting our Trametes Versicolor at peak ripening. 

Turkey Tail mushroom grows on dead hardwood throughout the world and is extremely common in North America. This species has one main claim to fame: as a medicinal mushroom. It has been known and used in Asia and Europe for thousands of years.

The Turkey Tail mushroom is considered as a natural holistic medicine treatment.   It is superior in strengthening the immune system.  It also boosts one of the most critical cells, known as T helper cells. T helper cells tell all the other cells in the immune system what to do and to what degree, and when to stop.

The following is a list of benefits wild Turkey Tail provides: reducing cancer growth, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer stages I-III, oesophaegeal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer , breast cancer, cervical/uterine cancer, HIV, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatoprptective, anti-fungal, anti-microbial , anti-oxidant, anti-viral, immune enhancer , kidney tonic, liver tonic.

4. Artist Conk (Ganoderma Applanatum)

We are harvesting our Ganoderma applanatum at peak ripening,

Ganoderma applanatum (the Artist's Bracket or Artist's Conk) is a bracket fungus with a cosmopolitan distribution.

This fungus grows as a mycelium within the wood of living and dead trees. This mushroom grows on older sugar maples and many other hardwood trees (beech , poplar, alder, apple, elm, buckeye and horse chestnut, maple, oak, walnut, willow, western hemlock, Douglas Fir, and Spruce).  When they are picked, the interior reveals layers of pores that are like rings on a tree that describes it's age. Artist Conk often grow near streams because there tends to be more dead wood and a moist microclimate. They have a strong but pleasant woodsy smell. Many artists use this mushroom to model for paintings and drawings.

Its benefits are: preventing and suspending tumor growth, reducing blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, lung support, immune system boosting, potent antioxidant, diuretic, anti-parasitic and serves as an anti-inflammatory.


5. Birch Polypor (Piptoporus betulinus)

We are harvesting our Piptoporus botulinus at peak ripening.

Commonly known as the birch polypore, birch bracket or razor strop, these mushrooms are the most common polyporous bracket fungi and as the name suggests, grows almost exclusively on birch trees.

Birch Polypore's main claim to fame to the general population is that it was found among the possessions of Ötzi, the mummified stone age man from 5,300 years ago whose remains were found in 1991 in a glacial ice cave on the border of Italy. The traditional use of Birch Polypore extract is as an anti-parasitic agent or to stop bleeding and as an antimicrobial agent.

A finding in 1997 confirmed that certain compounds in Birch Polypore extract help diminish chronic dermal inflammation and is excellent used as an anti-inflammatory.

Another important compound of Birch Polypore extract is betulinic acid, a compound from Birch that gets extracted and concentrated by the Birch Polypore. A melanoma study conducted in 1995 showed that Betulinic Acid was toxic to malignant melanoma cells without affecting healthy cells. A possible mechanism of the anti-tumor property of Birch Polypore extract was suggested in 2002 when it was demonstrated to inhibit enzyme activity involved in tumor development.

Medicinal Properties of Birch Polypore are : used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-viral, help immune system fighting cancer cells and preventing them for expanding, support apoptosis.



6. Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus populinus)

We are harvesting our Pleurotus populinus at peak ripening.  

Pleurotus populinus, the aspen oyster mushroom, is a gilled fungus native to North America. It is found on dead wood of aspen, cottonwood, oak, alder, maple, ash, beech, birch, elm, willow and poplar trees.   Although similar to Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus pulmonarius, it has been shown to be a distinct species incapable of cross-breeding. P. populinus is reported to be edible, and fruits in late spring and summer. The oyster mushroom is relatively new in comparison to other mushrooms, as being mentioned just after 1700 in Europe.

Oyster mushrooms are rich in protein, plentiful in B vitamins, have no cholesterol, and have significant levels of the cholesterol-lowering molecule (up to 2.8 percent by dry weight) lovastatin  (Stamets, 2005; Alarcon, 2003). Because of their native lovastatin content, oyster mushrooms have been studied for their benefits in helping modulate blood cholesterol levels.

Medicinal benefits include cholesterol control, anti-aging, regulating blood pressure,  cancer support, cardiovascular health, nerve tonic, and anti-bacterial, anti-viral.



7. SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS (Lentinula Edodes)

We grow our organic Shiitaki mushroom on birch logs, outdoor,in the natural conditions and harvest them at peak ripening. We grow them in birch logs because of their own medicinal properties; its bark contains 22% betulin and are the host of 2 other medicinal mushrooms, Chaga and Piptoporus betulinus. We harvest them at their pick efficacy and dry them in direct sun which increase the percentage of their Vitamin D content by over 140 times!

Shiitake is native to East Asia,.  These mushrooms prefer warm and wet climates and grow on dead broadleaf trees as oak, maple, poplar, chestnut, beech. Shiitake has been used in Asia for over 1000 years. Today it is cultivated all over the world, as the most popular gourmet mushroom.

Health benefits of Shiitake mushrooms are; reducing cancer growth, cholesterol control, hepatitis B, HIV, anti-Candida, anti-bacterial ,anti-oxidant, anti-viral, blood pressure, immune system booster, kidney, liver tonic, sexual stimulator, and stress reducer.



8 . MAITAKE ( Grifola Frondosa) , Hen of the Woods

We are harvesting our Hen at peak ripening.

Grifola frondosa is called “maitake” in Japanese , which means “ dancing mushroom.” Some say it has so names because in ancient times people who found the mushroom danced with joy as it could be exchanged for its weight in silver.

Maitake is a delicious gourmet mushroom.  It is also used with cancer therapy.

The Miatake mushroom benefits include : ease of pain from cancer ; diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, cholesterol;, hypertension , anti-bacterial, anti-candida, anti-viral, blood sugar moderator ,immune enhancer,lungs/respiratory , stress reducer.   It was traditionally used to make one feel happy and vigorous and look younger.


9. Lion’s Mane ( Hericium erinaceus)

We grow our Hericium erinaceus in natural conditions.

Lion’s Mane is a delicious culinary mushroom.  It recently has also been considered as a medicinal mushroom. This delicious mushroom has referred to as “ Nature’s Nutrient for the Neuron’s.” It stimulates the production of the nerve growth factor (NGF). Lower than normal levels of NGF have been linked to early stages of both Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Lion's Mane benefits the reduction in cancer cell growth, immune stimulation ,nerve growth, gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, dementia/Alzeimer’s disease, neuropathy, reverses nerve damage, menopause, serves as an anti-bacterial, anti-anxiety/depression, and MS/MRSA relief. 


10. Enokitake ( Flammulina velutipes) – Velvet Foot

We import our Flamulina vetulipes from a reliable certified organic sources.

Enokitake is the Japanese name for “snow peak mushroom.” These mushrooms grow in wild in late fall through midwinter, thriving in temperatures of 40 – 60F.

Flammulina velutipes was the second earliest mushroom to be cultivated( cultivation started around 800 AD, after Auricularia auricular – 600 AD, and before Lentinula edodes – 1000 AD).

The Enokitake benefits are especially noted for cancer prevention relief for food allergies, anti-bacterial , serves as an anti-viral, reduces cholesterol and boosts the immune system.



11. Snow Fungus (Tremella fuciformis)

We import our Tremella fuciformis from reputable certified organic sources.

Not only is the Snow Fungus a popular culinary mushroom in oriental cuisine, it also has a log history of medicinal use and was one of the mushrooms included in the “ Shen Nong Ben Cao” (c.200AD) its traditional indications include clearing Heat and Dryness, nourishing the brain and enhancing beauty.

Research in China has focused on its use to alleviate the side effects of radiotherapy and as an anti-aging supplement. Its high levels of immunologically active polysaccharides – which are structurally distinct from those found in most other medicinal mushrooms.  They are the key components responsible for its health benefit.

Snow Fungus have these listed benefits: chemo/radio therapy recovery restoring the blood-producing mechanism of the bone marrow, circulatory disorders, cardiovascular health, neurological damage, memory impairment, ,immune booster, anti-aging , anti-cancer protocols, liver tonic, cosmetic application on account of their excellent skin moisture retention, skin protection, flexibility and flattening effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic proprieties, wound healing.



12. North Cordycepsus Sinensis ( Cordyceps militaris) - Pupa Grass

We import our Cordyceps militaris from reliable certified organic source.

Cordyceps sinensis are unique among the medicinal mushrooms and is growing on insect host rather than a plant host. To day over 700 species of cordyiceps have been identified worldwide. . The vast majority of coryiceps on the market today is cultivated on non-insect, grain-based substrates leading to improved quality control and affordability. HPLC analysis show identical chemical profiles and the two are seen to be interchangeable clinically. In fact research has proven that Coryiceps militaris - know also as North Cordyceps or Pupa Grass - contain greater amount of cordycepin , polysaccharide and protein than Cordycepsis sinensis.

Scientific research , clinical studies and traditional practices prove the benefit of this unique mushroom reach in cordycepin for: Cancer – whit cordycepin reported to induce apoptosis ( cancer cell death) in multiple cancer cell lines, including : oral, colorectal, bladder, leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, breast and prostate, anti-aging, athletic performance, sexual function ,fertility, diabetes, hepatoprotective, renal health, respiratory disease , anti-viral, asthma, lungs and kidney inflmmation, cholesterol reducing and general cardio-tonic support , immunopotentiator and liver fortifier , depression, increases blood flow to the brain, energy booster.



13.Ramsons ( Allium ursinum) – Wild Garlic

We harvest our Ramsons form the heart of the forest at peak efficacy.

Ramsons it is often the first green plant to appear in the spring and it is a very potent medicinal plant. According to an old folk tradition, after their winter hibernation, bears purify their blood and their digestive system by eating ramsons. .. It has been use as a medicinal plant since the Middle Ages and the Swiss herbalist Abbe Kuenzie especially praise the plant:” It cleanses the hole body, rids it of stubborn waste mattes, produce healthy blood and destroys and removes poisonous substances”

Scientific research, clinical studies and traditional practices had prove its benefits for :  attaining excellent memory, prevent arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure, beneficial for stomach and intestines, for acute and chronic diarrhea, constipation, heart wellness and sleeplessness , dizziness, pressure in the head and anxiety, phlegm, ,shortness of breath, consumption and dropsy, badly healing wounds ,disorders of the coronary blood vessels, blood-cleanser , herpes, eczema, pale looks, scrofula and rheumatism.



14. Thyme ( Thymus serpyllum)

We grow our thyme in natural/organic condition.

Every part of the plant has medicinal properties. In some parts of Europe it is considered a holy plant dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and in Austria wreaths and garlands of thyme are still taken to church to be blessed on the festival of Corpus Christi. Thyme is a herb that can be used in an unusually wide variety of ways, both in the kitchen and in the illnesses protocols.. Thyme was well know in ancient times and old records state : “ Thyme is most of all pungent and hot. It increases the flow of urine and menstruation, in normal birth speeds up delivery and dispatches miscarriages as well. A draught of it cleanses the noble internal parts of the body”

Thyme is known for  relieving nervous feelings,  overstimulation or depression, facial neuralgia, typhoid fever, paralysis, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular atrophy, rheumatism and sprains, stomach and menstrual pain, abdominal cramps , illnesses of the respiratory passages ,swellings and contusions, whooping cough, phlegm in the lungs and bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, strengthen the limbs, multiple sclerosis, elliptic fits.


15.  Mushroom of God (Agaricus blazei) –Himematsutake

We import our Agaricus blazei from reputable certificate organic source.

Traditional use of this mushroom is linked with unusual longevity among inhabitants of Brazil’s Piedade region. Studies show significant health benefits for cancer patients, reducing chemotherapy-related side effects,  as well as symptoms related to cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancer. The ability of this mushroom extract to help reduce side effects and improve treatment outcomes has also been reported in patients with acute non-lymphocytic leukemia and advanced alimentary tract tumors, while improved metabolism and blood pressure were seen in patients with colorectal cancer after surgery. Also is showing hepatoprotective properties to support chronic hepatitis patients (B and C) with improvements in symptoms and reduction in liver enzymes, and improve insulin resistance in type 2 diabets.


16.  Shaggy mane (Coprinus comatus) – Inky cap

We are harvesting our Coprinus comatus the heart of the forest at peak efficacy.  Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat piles and improve digestion. Studies showing antimicrobial activity against Aspergillus niger, Bacillus species, Candida albicans, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, imuno-modulatory activity and anti-androgenic activity to inhibit androgen-dependent prostate cancer cell proliferation. Also have hepatoprotective proprieties: polysaccharide extract producing significant reduction in the negative effects of alcohol on liver structure and function and significant hypoglycemic activity on diabetes.



17.  Mesima (Phellinus linteus)

We import our whole Mesima from a reputable certified organic source.  Phellinus linteus is a basidiomycete fungus popular in China, Korea and Japan reported to work as a “miracle medicine” prolonging longevity.

Traditional use and studies of this mushrooms show significant health benefits for : diabetes, HIV, angina, leucorrhoea, diarrhea , wound healing, cancers: lung, breast, prostate; auto-immune conditions, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis and allergies.  It may enhance efficacy of existing chemotherapeutic agents.



18.  Chicken of the woods ( Laetiporus sulphureus)

We harvest our Chicken of the woods from the heart of the forest when they are at their peak. Traditional use and studies of this mushrooms show significant health benefits for multiple cancers such as carcinomas and leukemia.  Chicken of the Woods is antibacterial; S. aureus (MRSA), bacillus subtilis,  E.coli.  It is a natural antibiotic, helps with urinary tract infection (Serratia marcescens), septicemia, respiratory disease, immune disorder, blood sugar moderator, HIV, dopamine production.


19.  Echinacea purpurea – Wild

 We harvest our wild Echinacea from wild fields. Traditional use and studies shows significant health benefits for immune system boost and stimulation, antimicrobial, chronic fatigue syndrome, antioxidant, ADHD, indigestion and constipation, dizziness, gum disease, pain, rheumatism, septicemia, flu/cold, urinary tract infection, reduce inflammation, respiratory condition, cancer prevention, viral and bacterial infections, skin health.


20.  Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

 We import our whole Turmeric from a reputable certified organic source. Traditional use and studies shows significant health benefits for Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant proprieties, detoxification, improved brain function and lower risk of brain disease, lower risk of heart disease, prevent cancers  (colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, breast) , Alzheimer’s support, osteoarthritis, depression, aging and age-related chronic diseases, type 1 ,2 diabetes, viral infection, premenstrual syndrome, headaches, acne, psoriasis, eczema, prevent eye degeneration (glaucoma).




We are providing you with a limited amount of information regarding medicinal mushrooms.  We strongly encourage you to do your own research and documentation. 

The information we provided is for educational use only and is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Anyone who is experiencing specific symptoms or has been diagnosed with, or suspects  a medical condition should contact a qualified health professional.

If you suspect you are experiencing an adverse reaction from a mushroom or a combination of mushroom(s) and drugs, you should immediately consult an appropriately qualified health professional. You should always inform your healthcare provider of any supplements you may be taking. 

We are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in our website.